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Explorative Gathering of Art of Hosting within Higher Education

On November 16, 2023, we invited practitioners from all over the world to participate in a gathering to hear stories about how Art of Hosting has been used within Higher Education, and to explore what we could do more.

Published onNov 20, 2023
Explorative Gathering of Art of Hosting within Higher Education

In relation to the new master’s programme we are starting (Sustainable Digitalisation) and the participatory leadership we aim to teach, we called for a gathering to explore Art of Hosting within higher education and academia. The purpose of the event were to share experiences and learn from each other. Moreover, the event were also created to make space for exploring what wants to emerge in the intersection of Art of Hosting and academia. The two calling questions for the event were: 

  • How can we learn from each other's stories and experiences of working with participatory practices within higher education? 

  • What becomes possible if we build bridges between the Art of Hosting and the Academy? 

With the intention to ignite and deepen our conversation, we asked Toke Møller, Tracy Chaplin Meisterheim, & Jodi Sandfort to share some stories and glimpses from their work with AoH within Academia and higher education. You can listen to their stories here:

Iframe 1

Video: storytelling session with Toke, Tracy and Jodi.

The storytelling session was followed by an Open Space where all participants were invited to explore the topics needed at this moment of time. Below is a visual harvest of the whole event.

Harvest from storytelling session and final wrap up

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