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Liminal Excavations

A zine that explores alternative visions, ideas and critiques on the topic of sustainability and ICT

Published onJun 24, 2024
Liminal Excavations

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Plain text version can be downloaded via this link.

While academic papers give us space to express our knowledge and expertise, we also need spaces to express our views, feelings, and creative expressions towards a more sustainable life on this planet, where ICT is not always directly implicated.

We are therefore very excited to share the contributions from the ICT4S Zine 2024!

As an alternative to the official program and traditional, peer-reviewed publications, we have taken inspiration from zine culture to gather a set of alternative and DIY contributions that encourage authors to embrace creativity that might not always be encouraged in more traditional academic outputs focused on ICT and sustainability.

This zine is a result of a call for contributions to that explores alternative visions, ideas and critiques on the topic of sustainability and ICT.

We look forward to hear what you think about the zine.

Creativity is where new ideas can grow and be nurtured. Our hope is that the zine encourages the ICT4S community to build space for creativity and new ideas in the future.

Aksel Biørn-Hansen & Oliver Bates

Zine Café

During the ICT4S conference (25 June 2024), we organised a zine café to invite conference participants to engage with the zine and the questions it tackles. The calling question of the zine café was: “If you had full creative freedom to explore, what emergent questions, ideas or expressions do you find missing or dismissed in conversations at ICT4S?”

Zine Café at the ICT4S Conference 2024

Many interesting discussions and creations came out of this session, including big questions around what sustainability really is, what we want to abolish, what we are grateful for and many more ideas.

After the session, we set up tables for the zine café in the common area of the conference, where people could continue to engage with the question.

The harvest of the zine café can be found via this link.

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