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Farvel og tak!

Published onJun 28, 2022
Farvel og tak!

Hi, I am Martin - a PhD student from Aalborg University, Denmark.

On June 30, I will be ending a five month research stay at KTH. Coming to Sweden and KTH in the beginning of February, I did not know what to expect… For the last years, travel and collaboration have been hampered by the global pandemic. I prepared myself both for working solely from home and at the same time hoping for the possibility of meaningful collaboration with physical presence.

Five month later, I can now say that there has been the opportunity of a lot of meaningful collaboration with a bunch of awesome people. I have been working with Rob Comber on a project related to waste management, and Aksel Biørn-Hansen and Arjun Rajendran Menon on data physicalization and materialization - projects that I will continue to work on when I return back to Aalborg.

Stockholm has been a great city to visit and I give my warmest recommendations for the place and the SFL group! I am looking forward to seeing you in the future. If you ever find yourself in Northern Jutland by purpose, make sure to come by the HCC group (If not, good luck finding your way back).

All the best!

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