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Lunch talk on exploring co-design for sustainability through design fiction

Visiting master students Emile Roch and Daphné Hamilton-Jones from Paris shared their ideas on how to stimulate agency in change makers.

Published onApr 19, 2022
Lunch talk on exploring co-design for sustainability through design fiction

For this week’s SF Lab meeting, we had two guests from Paris: Emile Roch and Daphné Hamilton-Jones, Master Students in Design Research at the Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris Saclay, Télecom Paris (Institut Polytechnique) and ENSCI Les Ateliers. Emile and Daphné are currently doing an internship at Malmö University during the spring and they are interested in design, HCI, art and sustainability. It was our ex-masters student, now-phd-student-in-France Maël Madon who introduced us to Emile and Daphné , who are in fact visiting us and staying in Stockholm this whole week. Our interests show a great deal of overlap, so we hope to stay in touch after having spent this week getting to know each other.

Title: Exploring Co-design for Sustainability through Design Fiction

Our work: Responding to the environmental crisis as an individual demands agency. Hoping to facilitate the creation of that agency in individuals looking to have a real impact on this crisis, we have created a workshop using the stereotypical trope of the island. In our collaborative design fiction, participants work together to create tools for their survival. In that fictitious space, participants practice at responding to their basic needs through fictitiously embodied practice, collaboratively. The historical  tradition of codesign in Swedish culture offers an interesting perspective for this kind of practice. Our work aims to investigate these questions throughout the time we are spending in Swedish cultural and academic communities.

About Emile : Formerly trained in professional computer science studies I decided to reorient myself toward a more critical and academical practice. I specifically looked into design that surround the notion of agency through my technical perspective but more and more by the designer point of view.  

About Daphné: Trained in multidisciplinary design in London, I worked as a pedagogical designer before transitioning towards design research. I am particularly interested in the place of design in democratic practices and sustainability, convinced that one cannot exist properly without the other. Imaginaries of the Environmental crisis, fiction and co-design offer a response to this that I am eager to explore today.

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