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SF Lab April 2022 roundup

Each month, we curate some of the most interesting things that we've been up to lately and what's to come.

Published onApr 30, 2022
SF Lab April 2022 roundup

Submitted papers

Minna and Aksel submitted an article with Ian Brooks to NordiCHI 2022 about #tech4bad, on how IT professionals need to stop supporting the fossil fuel industry. Aksel also submitted his thrice rejected paper reporting on an interview study with users of a carbon calculator (let’s keep our fingers crossed it will be accepted this time!).

Also going into NordiCHI 2022, Rob was involved in two papers. The first is on practicing critical reflection in the design of provocations for place-making with NUI Galway PhD student Andreas Almqvist, co-supervisors Adrian Clear and Karen Young, and Andreas’ masters supervisor at KTH, Anders Hedman. The second is on co-design with sustainable-food experts of digital mediation in sustainable food systems, with visiting PhD student Martin Lindrup and co-authors EunJeong Cheon, Mikael B. Skov, and Dimitrios Raptis.

Other things

Rob examined a PhD by Jeske van de Gevel at the University of York, UK on “Designerly approaches for user involvement in the design of agricultural research”. Jeske’s work is a great example of a long-term engagement of design thinking in the delivery of citizen science in the context of agricultural in eastern Africa. For the third (and final time), Rob will be the subcommittee chair for the Critical and Sustainable Computing and Social Justice committee at CHI2023. The subcommittee was established two years ago to provide a new and welcoming home at the CHI conference for research on topics such as environmental and social sustainability, ethics, justice, and critical design. He also has two papers being presented at CHI2022 in New Orleans, with one, with Chiara Rossitto, Jakob Tholander and Mattias Jacobsson, on Digital Environmental Stewardship as a framework for analysing and design for care in our environmental relations. The paper is available on the ACM Digital library:

Aksel, Martin Lindrup and Arjun launched a new project together on data, materiality and sustainability. It’s going to be food-related – we’re excited about what they will make of it. Arjun also started on a study involving ‘micro’-challenges and asynchronous narratives, with a planned late-breaking work paper for NordiCHI 2022.

Elina gave a guest lecture in Los Angeles (on Zoom of course…), in Barath Raghavan’s course Computing for Social Good and Sustainability. She was also an inspirational speaker for 34 women attending a “Reload event” called 72-hours. They visited the disused nuclear reactor hall R1 at KTH and then had a mindful walk in the nearby park Lill-Jansskogen, doing exercises from the book Active Hope. Elina also participated in a podcast recording on Stockholm +50, where she talked to a student about science outreach and climate action.

Daniel’s blogposts

Daniel Pargman has been an avid blogger for years, on his academic life and other adventures of his. Here are his April posts:

Coming up

Minna will present a paper at the NESS conference in Gothenburg in June on counterfactual scenarios, based on the Event Horizon project and written together with Daniel, Elina and Mia Hesselgren.

Aksel is going to Lund University in mid-May to attend a PhD course on Reflexivity and Creative methodology, which he thinks will be interesting and challenging as it proposes to go beyond “dataism” and gap-finding as a research approach, instead proposing mystery making and unravelling as a method.

Arjun’s 30% seminar will be held in May, where he plans to present the research intention and vision for his PhD. Want to attend or listen in on Zoom? Email [email protected]

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