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SF Lab October 2022 roundup

A short summary of some of the things happening in October.

Published onNov 04, 2022
SF Lab October 2022 roundup

October felt like a really busy month, and especially for some of us who are involved in the upcoming CHI’23 conference. Rob for example is Sub-committee Chair (SC) and Elina is Associate Chair (AC), which has entailed a lot of work with handling submissions to the Critical and Sustainable Computing sub-committee.

Minna, Aksel and Sofie went to the NordiCHI’22 conference in Aarhus, please read about the highlights in this blog-post. Minna also co-hosted a workshop at NordiCHI’22 on “Designing for collective survival: Design fiction game for an apocalyptic world”.

Elina did lots of presentations; she gave a presentation at “Den hållbara forskaren” a national conference on sustainability and academic practice on the Flight project (7th of October), she gave a keynote on the topic of Sustainability and ICT at Sunet-dagarna (11th of October) and gave a talk at SoniHED (27th October). She also mentored students at the KTH Climate Action Centre - if you are a student, keep track of their website because there will be more student oriented activities!  

Arjun, Martin and Aksel finished a prototype in their data & materiality project where they attempt to materialize and physicalise carbon emissions associated with food products. This prototype was also presented by Arjun at the Beyond Dystopia symposium in Västerås, where also Daniel attended.

Three glowing boxes, with bricks on top of them and a wooden small suitcase.
Figure 1

The prototype that help materialize the carbon footprint of food.

Daniel, Elina, Minna ran a second FLIGHT contrafactual workshop, with an international audience (this time Americas friendly). Not the same amount of participants, but people seemed to enjoy it! Daniel and all the teaching assistants (Elina, Aksel, Arjun, Minna, Petra, Leif H and Leif D) prepared for the DM2573 Sustainability and Media Technology course that started right at the end of the month, with a record 127 students registered!

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